What we do

We build products in financial services. We look for unsolved problems in our industry and build products that address those problems. We find emerging technologies or technical fields and look for novel applications of those technologies in financial services.We are builders, makers, creators. Our goal as a company is simple and difficult: build impactful products and spin them off into world-class companies.

Our Values

Sketch of an atom. Icon for "bias towards action."
bias towards actions.
Don't put off what you can progress today.
Be Scrappy.
Make. Try. Prototype
Sketch of a walkie talkie. Icon for "foxhole."
Have each other's backs.
Assume the best and expect the best from each other.
Give and accept respectful, honest and candid feedback
Sketch of an atom. Icon for "bias towards action."
Speak up. We value your mind. Share it.
Reach consensus.
Get on board.
Sketch of three checks. Icon for "done done".
done done.
Take pride in everything with your name or numo's name on it.
Mistakes happen. Own them. Learn from them.
Sketch of two halves of an egg. Icon for "bias towards action."
be a good egg.
Do the right thing - every time.
Respect differences. Be inclusive.
You're not too good for any of this.

Our Leaders

David Passavant
Laura Ritz

Our Advisory Board

Sean Ammirati
Advisory Board Member;
Adjunct Professor of Entrepreneurship at CMU
Sheel Mohnot
Advisory Board Member; General Partner at 500 Fintech
Clara Sieg
Advisory Board Member; Partner at Revolution